Gross Creek

This new home construction was built to look historic. The log cabin materials consisted of reclaimed hand-hewn timber from PA. The project included house, barn, and site work. The barn was built from reclaimed timber from a historic barn that was disassembled in Lancaster, PA and rebuilt on the property.

Talbot Street

This new home won an award in Easton for it’s “sympathetic infill.”  The home was built to look historic and fit in with the surroundings. Special features of this charming downtown residence include beautiful wood floors, 9’+ ceilings throughout (including the basement), 3 & 1/2baths, open floor plan, and historic finishes.

Solitude Creek

This new home features beautiful views of Solitude Creek and a relaxed open floor plan. The project included home, garage, site work, landscaping, and driveway. At the start of the project, a whole house was moved off the property and settled in a new location.